HSA and County of Boone

Your County of Boone Health Savings Account (HSA) coupled with a High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP) can help you save money on your medical expenses. By choosing the HSA Plan you can significantly save on your health care premiums, plus County of Boone will contribute to your HSA.

How Does a HDHP Work?

You are responsible for paying your covered medical expenses up to the deductible stated in your health plan. You can, if you choose, use HSA funds to pay for these out-of-pocket expenses or you can reimburse yourself sometime later. Save all your receipts because you are responsible for proving that you used your HSA for qualified expenses.

How Does Your HSA Work?

The County of Boone will make contributions to your HSA at Central Bank (currently $50.00 per paycheck, based on 24 paychecks). You will receive a before-tax benefit by making your contribution through payroll deduction.

The money in your HSA works like your checking account, which gives you easy access to your funds. Pay your doctor’s visit or any medical expense using your debit card or online bill pay.

The money in your HSA is always yours – there is no, "use it or lose it” rule. All balances in your HSA are fully vested and remain in your account until spent. The money is yours even if you change jobs or health plans. With an HSA, you are in charge. You decide how much and when to contribute and whether or not to invest some of your savings in mutual funds for greater potential long term growth.

2023 HSA Annual Contribution Limits
Contributions Employee Family Coverage*
Employer Annual Contribution $1,200 $1,200
Employee Maximum Contribution $2,650 $6,550
Employee Maximum Contribution
age 55 and older
$3,650 $7,550
IRS Contribution Limit $3,850 $7,750
IRS Contribution Limit
age 55 and older
$4,850 $8,750
* Family coverage consists of Employee plus one other person